If Not Now, When?

Release Date 2015 / The Blow Monkeys

Ok! Have it your Way.

A boogie soul stomper that has echoes lyrically of its distant relative “ It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way” It about what happens when you let loose the ruthless unbridled disciples of “ The Market” who know the “ value of nothing and the price of everything”

The Sound Of Your Laughter

My best friend and wife Michele has the most beautiful laugh. It always transports me to a place where surf drums beat and baritones bleat as we go coast to coast in an old winnebago!

All That Glitters

Joni Mitchell said “ the desire for fame is a form of mental illness.” This I know to be true.

Think Again

Everything you once thought of as true could be wrong. All certainties are fallible. Theres a certain comfort in accepting that.

The Guessing Game

What are we doing here? Why here? why now?  Spinning around in an infinite universe without any apparent reason or  purpose. These are things we think about daily as we go about our daily chores . Is a glam stomp existentialist boogie!

Sun is in the Sky 

In the end its only weather. No amount of sunshine can compensate for loneliness. its a modern malaise. A place in the sun won’t save you. Its family and friends that give meaning to life.

Stay Now

A song about losing my father when i was 17 and living in Australia. It threw me for a loop that in some ways I’m still on.

Shadow Boxing

Gradually if you do the right thing and have some luck along the way..you become more “yourself.” The delusions and falsehoods fall away as you are faced with the one certainty in life. It ends.

If Not Now ,When ?

Stop dreaming of an imagined future and an idealised past. Today is all we ever have. Philosophers and Seers know this but they have been marginalised and locked away in academia. Socrates used to roam the back street and lanes of ancient Athens dispensing his wit and wisdom.

Lions Of Charing Cross

They want to knock down part of old Denmark St and gentrify parts of soho. They are fools. This was our “mecca”.

Peter Ackroyd in his biography of London spoke of the ancient beasts that used to roam the west end of London whose skeletons were discovered in the last century.  I see the connection with the musicians , poets, writers and painters who came to soho to find themselves . If we continue to define “ growth and prosperity” in purely monetary terms we are doomed to destroy all that is essential for our souls ..long live the 12 bar Club and La Gianconda!